Crazy Convention Cards

I’m going to THE Stampin’ Up! Convention this week. Its held in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace Convention Center. It involves thousands of demonstrators from across the United States and Canada. There are classes, whole group instruction, products to buy, free giveaways, free make-and-take of various cards and paper crafts and much more! It is also tradition that each demonstrator that attends makes obscene amounts of the same cute card to “trade” with other demonstrators. That way, you inherit lots of ideas of how to use products in the current catalog. Well… I’m insane. I decided that I wasn’t busy enough spring cleaning the house and caring for a sixth-month-old (HA!! Can you sense my sarcasm yet?) that I should make 50 of my own cards. And it was down to the wire and getting iffy as to whether they would get done. But my sweet husband has been helping and dedicated his time during Brynnleigh’s Sunday afternoon nap to work on them with me. So here they are… 50 beautiful convention swap cards. My Life Is Good… Because my DH loves me, even if I’m slightly INSANE! HA!


Affordable Dates

I think I’ve been terribly nervous to post on my blog. I really wanted it, finally decided I would do it, got my husbands help in setting it up… and then avoided it for a couple weeks. I think I was so excited but struggled knowing what could possibly be good enough to be my first post. So (with the encouragement of my incredible and sweet husband) I’ve decided to just dive in, write a post, and go for it. So here it, a topic I quite enjoy. Affordable date ideas (it doesn’t have to cost $30 – $50 or more per night!) Some of the activities on here are specific to Utah, but you could use the ideas to find something near you.


• Hike
• Cool drinks at a restaurant with 100 coke flavor machine (Wendy’s) – Sip and chat
• Picnic In the park, play on the swings
• Go walking somewhere pretty like Daybreak Lake or the mall (Winter)
• Use coupon or discount passes (Pass of All Passes, frozen yogurt)
• Read a book in the hammock

• Movie under the stars with a laptop and an inflatable mattress
• Make and eat a new dessert or pizza (or other meal) together

• Visit a free cultural festival or Utah location:
• Clark planetarium – skip the movie and enjoy the free hands-on exhibits
• Free Jamba Juice with Isis on android phone

• Drive somewhere – such as the Canyon
• Campfire and hot dogs or marshmallows
• Music and dancing in your room, or make your own “prom”
• Bath together (or go swimming or hot tubing)
• Look at books at library or bookstore
• Board game, or trade games with a friend to try something new
• Made-at-home Chinese “take out”
• Read a book together
• Dinner or dessert with friends (make it cheaper by doing dinner at home)
• Temple
• Root beer, orange or grape floats on the porch

• Go to the gym together
• Play a sport together – basketball, frisbee
• Nicklecade
• Community center or college performances
• Do service together
• Pick a temple square museum or tour
• Star gazing
• Go out for dessert only at a sit-down restaurant (or go healthy and get fresh fruit at a Farmer’s Market and enjoy walking around)
• Hot cocoa at Denny’s
• Di or thrift store – Find most random item

• Fondue at home
• Be a kid night – play doh, coloring book, etc.