I found myself searching out some good FHE ideas/websites for a gift idea I’ve been cooking up. In the process, I found the awesome Toddler magnet page activity, which, of course, I had to open so I could send it to my sister (Don’t think my 8 month old will quite be able to enjoy it! ha ha But it couldn’t be wasted :)) That lead me to another side tracking of searching random conference ideas that I could do with my kids someday and to send to my sister. (She didn’t ask, I just think I have to be a cool sister and send her stuff LOL). So here are 3 cool ideas I found to do with your kids during conference. If it goes right, maybe you’ll be able to hear at least one talk… or at least a few minutes of a talk… we can hope, right?! P.S. I do not take credit as these being mine, they were all thought up by other geniuses on the internet.

1 – Magnet/activity pages for toddlers and preschoolers. Use this awesome site http://www.momshavequestionstoo.com for this free download http://www.momshavequestionstoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/apostle-dot-and-magnet-pages.pdf

I’ve seen it done multiple ways. You print the sheets out and then get a cookie sheet to place the page on and let your kids use crayons to color and magnets to fill in the dots in the letter on the page. I’ve also seen skipping the magnets and getting various fun manipulatives (age appropriate of course) such as pom poms, buttons, fruit loops, etc. to decorate each letter, plus they can still do some coloring.

2. BINGO! I remember doing this with my cousins when we were little. This isn’t the exact page we used, but I liked the one on this site http://www.compguy.com/conferencebingo/ Plus, press the button at the top and have a different page for each child so they can all have a unique page to play “real” Bingo. We would get special treats like fun fruits to use as pieces… and to snack on of course!

3. I heard an idea from a mom in my ward. I can’t remember it exactly except that when something specific was said by any speaker, they each got a piece of chocolate. I think it would be great to pick one thing you want your children to understand better or know is important or talked about at conference…. Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost/Spirit, Love… talk about the different names that could be used for whatever topic you pick. Pick a treat/snack to eat every time they hear it talked about. Maybe something tasty but healthier than chocolate like frozen yogurt dots. Then at the end you could talk for a minute about how it was important… like that when one thing is said often by the prophets, it is very important we know it.