Primary 3 Lesson 33 The Sacrament Reminds Us of Our Covenants

Purpose: “To help the children realize that taking the sacrament can help them remember the baptismal covenants.”




  • Let each of the kid’s share something about their week.
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Introduction:
    • Explain that I’ll be sharing different actions and thoughts that might happen during the sacrament. If it something GOOD to think about or do during the sacrament (will bring the spirit and help us think of Jesus Christ), then the kids should stand tall. If its something that they should not do or think during the sacrament, they should bend over.
      • Remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. (stand)
      • Think about going on a picnic. (bend.)
      • Remember that Jesus Christ made sick people well (stand)
      • Whisper and talk to your neighbor. (bend)
      • Wiggle and move around in your seat (bend).
      • Say a prayer to Heavenly Father (stand).
      • Draw pictures or play with a toy (bend).
      • Remember stories  about Jesus Christ (stand).
  • Follow Up: 
    • Show picture of “Passing the Sacrament”
    • Last week we talked about remembering Jesus Christ as we took the sacrament. I had invited each of you to remember to think of Jesus Christ during the sacrament today. Did anyone remember to do it? If so, how did it make you feel as you took the sacrament?
    • As you take the sacrament each week, have you ever sat reverently and listened to the words in the sacrament prayers?
  • Read: Moroni 4:3 – Ask the kids to listen for 2 promises they make to Heavenly Father.
    • We promise to: always remember Jesus Christ (you may want to display a picture of Him) and Obey his commandments. (write on the board, if you’d like, for continued reference). 
    • “It isn’t always easy to remember our promises. Partaking of the sacrament every Sunday and listening to the sacrament prayers helps us to remember to keep our promises to Heavenly Father.
    • These promises we make each time we take the sacrament, are the same covenants that we make when we are baptized.
  • What are my baptismal covenants?
    • A covenant is a promise between you and Heavenly Father.
    • Display the picture “Boy Being Baptized”
    • Read the paragraph on the board game that explains baptismal covenants.
    • Play the Baptismal Covenant board game as a class (I feel this fits my class better than the scenarios to act out in the manual. You could also do those instead/in addition).
    • REMIND the kids: “It isn’t always easy to remember our promises. Partaking of the sacrament every Sunday and listening to the sacrament prayers helps us to remember to keep our promises to Heavenly Father.”
  • Story: 

    Jonathan lived with his parents on a large ranch. He had a pony of his own, and he often helped his father care for the ranch horses. One day Jonathan fell from his pony and injured his back. After examining him, the doctor told Jonathan and his parents that Jonathan would be all right but that he would have to stay in bed for many weeks.

    Jonathan had been baptized a member of the Church just two months before the accident. He had made a covenant, or promise, with Heavenly Father that he would obey the commandments. Taking the sacrament had helped to remind Jonathan of his covenant. He had listened carefully to the sacrament prayers and sat reverently as the sacrament was being passed. Each time, Jonathan listened for the words that told of his covenants—to always remember Jesus and to keep his commandments. Jonathan knew that when he said “amen” and took the sacrament, it meant that he would try his best to keep his covenants with Heavenly Father.

    Now that Jonathan had to stay in bed, he could not go to church and he could not partake of the sacrament. Jonathan missed those quiet, reverent moments when the sacrament was being blessed and passed. He knew how important it was to be reminded often of the covenants he had made. He wanted to have Heavenly Father’s Spirit with him. Jonathan decided to ask the bishop if the sacrament could be brought to his home on Sunday.

    The bishop was pleased to know that Jonathan did not want to miss the sacrament and that he wanted to be reminded of the covenants he had made with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He arranged for two priesthood bearers to visit Jonathan at the ranch on Sundays and prepare the sacrament for him.

    • Why did Jonathan miss going to church? (He wanted to partake of the sacrament.)

    • Why did he want to partake of the sacrament? (He wanted to be reminded of his baptismal promises and the promise that he could have Heavenly Father’s Spirit with him.)

  • Optional Additional Activities (as needed/wanted):
  • Invitation: To try to be reverent and listen to the sacrament prayers while they take the sacrament next (and every!) Sunday.
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 32 Remembering Jesus Christ When We Take the Sacrament

Purpose: “To help the children always remember Jesus Christ and their baptismal covenants as they take the sacrament.




  • Each child can share something from their week.
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow-up: What did you do to show other’s Heavenly Father’s love last week? How did those people react? (happy?)
  • Introduce: Take items out of the bag, one-by-one. Briefly describe each item as you take it out and put in a pile or scattered order. When I’m finished, have the children tell me what order I took the items of the bag. (first, second, third, etc).
    • Explain that this activity helped them see how well they could remember.
    • Tell the children we will be talking about the sacrament and how we should remember Jesus Christ as we take the sacrament.
  • Optional Snack (check on allergies of your kids first): I will pass out little water cups and flat bread slices on napkins. I’ll explain that this pita is similar to the type of bread that Christ used in the sacrament. We now typically use modern-day white or wheat bread. We also use water instead of the wine they used then, which was like our grape juice. I’ll let them snack on this while we watch the sacrament video.
  • Sacrament Video:
  • Sacrament Today Discussion – Display the Passing the Sacrament picture.
    • Ask the kids what happens during the sacrament each week? (Pass around the soft object for the discussion, as needed).
      • Sing hymn
      • Priesthood holders break the bread (point to that image)
      • A priesthood holder kneels and says the sacrament prayer on the bread
      • Priesthood holders pass the bread
      • A priesthood holder kneels and says the sacrament prayer on the water
      • Priesthood holders pass the water
    • What should we be thinking as we take the sacrament? What should we be doing as we wait for the sacrament? (reverence, thinking of Christ)
  • Read “A Dinosaur Goes to Church” – we’ve read this book before, but this might be a good review.
  • Discuss how we should remember Jesus during the sacrament. Use soft talking object to pass around during the discussion, as needed.
    • What can we do to remember Jesus Christ during the sacrament?
    • What are some stories about the Savior we might think of during the sacrament?
      • Show a few Christ pictures from the gospel art book. Ask the children to tell you about them? Explain that we could look at these or other pictures during the sacrament to help us remember Jesus Christ during this time. If you have loose-leaf copies of the pictures, lay them on the ground picture-side down and let the kids take turns flipping over a picture and telling what they do know about the picture.
    • What are some songs that we might think of during the sacrament?
  • I have a small class so I’ll doing this activity, one kid at a time. Other classes may choose to do two kids at a time, one making a reverent sacrament choice and the other child not. I will call each child up to role play/act out one of the following. The rest of the class can try to guess what they are doing.
    • Extra: I plan to type each of these scenarios, cue them in strips with one scenario on each strip, and tape them around small play balls (the kind in a ball pit). I will take the prepared play balls out, roll them around the room/drop them on the ground. Then I’ll let the kids each gather one play ball and act out the scenario attached to it.
    • 1- Pretend to draw a picture or color.
    • 2- Sit reverently and think about stories from the scriptures about Jesus Christ.
    • 3- Pretend to whisper to your neighbors.
    • 4- Sit reverently and think about how much Jesus Christ loves you.
    • 5- Pretend to be playing with a toy and making noises with it.
    • 6-Reverently partake of the sacrament and then reverently pass it on.
  • Optional Extra: Coloring “page” sacrament tray for the kids to look at during sacrament or at home.
  • Invitation: Next week during sacrament, I would like you to try extra hard to be reverent and think of the Savior as you eat and wait for the sacrament to be passed.
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 31 Jesus Christ Wants Us to Love Everyone

*You may need to pick and choose what to use in your lesson, there may be too much here. I tend to over-prepare!

Purpose: “To help the children understand that they can show love by helping others understand their eternal worth to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.”



  • Soft, throwable object: Small stuffed animal, small soft ball or other small, soft item
  • Crayons or colored pencils for kindness cubes
  • Tape or glue to assemble kindness cubes
  • Optional: music player (I use my phone and LDS Music app) to play quiet music while they color and work
  • Chalk – white is great, colored would be if you happen to have it. (dry erase markers if you have a white board)
  • Ipad for picture or Gospel Art book


  • Each child can share something from their week.
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow-up: What did we learn last week? (Heavenly Father and Jesus love all children, everywhere!)
  • Introduce: Pull out the soft object. Tell children that as you pass the item to them, they can share something they’ve done lately to show kindness to someone else. (Remind them not to throw at heads, lights, etc. as you feel is needed).
  • Ask: How has Heavenly Father and Jesus asked us to treat others? (with love, kindness)
    •  Read John 13:34
    • What does this scripture ask us to do?
    • Explain that its some important that we learn to love each other, that its repeated many times in the scriptures.
    • Draw a large heart (to help non/beginning readers) with the word love above it.
    • Ask the children how Jesus Christ showed his love to others? (write answers on the board, in the heart)
    • In what ways can we follow Jesus’ example and do what he taught us to do? (write answers on board, in the heart, ifn
  • Jesus blessing the Nephite Children
    • “Jesus Blessing the Nephite Children” picture or use the link below to show it digitally:
    • We learned about this picture last week… what can you tell me about it? What do you remember?
      • (Summary): After Jesus died and was resurrected and went into heaven, he visitied the Nephites in America and taught them important things. The people began to cry when he had to leave because they loved him so much and wanted him to stay longer. Because of their faith and desire to have him stay, the Savior stayed longer. He told the people to bring all their children. The children surrounded him and be blessed them all one by one. Jesus said to the parents “Behold your little ones” and the heavens opened, and angels came down and made a circle around the children, and then went among them. Jesus loved the children
    • Ask: “How do you think the little girl in this picture felt?
    • Have the kids imagine that they are in the group of children with Jesus Christ.
    • Ask: How do you think they felt?
    • How did Lenny help Mark feel loved and wanted?

    • How did the other boys treat Mark when he arrived at the game?

      Choose one story to share. The one on this link from the Friend April 2007  or from the LDS Primary 3 manual, listed below:

      Ask the children to listen to the following story to see how Lenny helped Mark feel loved:

      “Lenny was finishing his lunch … when Rich and Jerry came rushing in through the back door.

      “‘Let’s go!’ Rich urged. …

      “‘But,’ Lenny said in surprise, seeing the baseball equipment his friends were carrying, ‘I thought we were going to spend the afternoon with Mark.’

      “‘That was before we got up this game. It’s too nice a day to spend with a shut-in!’

      “Lenny hesitated as he put his dish and glass in the sink.

      “Their friend, Mark Wilson, had just come home from the hospital. Several months ago he [became very ill]. The doctors were sure that Mark would run and play again but said it might be quite awhile. Before his illness, Mark had [played] on their … team.”

      Explain that Lenny had to make a decision. Then continue with the story:

      “‘C’mon, Lenny! Let’s go!’ Rich insisted. But Lenny shook his head.

      “‘I promised Mark’s mom I’d come over,’ he told them. ‘You fellows go on if you want to.’

      “‘But Lenny,’ they protested, ‘you’re the best [player] we have.’

      “‘Sorry,’ Lenny said firmly.

      “Rich snorted in disgust.

      “‘I never thought that you’d let the team down! …’

      “After the boys had [gone] out of the house, Lenny called good-bye to his mother upstairs where she was putting the baby to sleep.

      “A moment later Lenny was walking slowly down the street to Mark’s house. … Lenny really wanted to play … , and he didn’t feel very good about letting down the team, but he felt sorry for Mark. Those long days in the hospital hadn’t been much fun for him.

      “‘Where are Rich and Jerry?’ Mark’s mother asked when she invited Lenny in.

      “‘They couldn’t come,’ Lenny [said].

      “Mark’s mother sighed and Lenny could see the tired lines around her pretty eyes. Mark’s illness had been hard on his parents too. Then she smiled as she said, ‘But I’m glad you’re here, Lenny. Mark’s waiting.’

      “Lenny noticed that Mark was pale and a little sad. He had a brace on one leg, but by making a big effort he was able to walk to meet Lenny.

      “Mrs. Wilson left the boys alone and they sat down in the living room to talk. After a few minutes Mark grew silent and Lenny noticed that he was looking out of the window at the spring afternoon.

      “‘Dad says I’ll play ball again someday,’ he said hopefully. ‘I sure hope it will be soon.’

      “Suddenly Lenny had an idea.

      “‘Be right back,’ he assured Mark excitedly, hurrying to the kitchen to find Mark’s mother.

      “‘The next best thing to playing a game is seeing one,’ Lenny explained after he told her his plan.

      “‘I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, Lenny,’ she said, ‘I think it would do Mark a lot of good.’

      “Lenny could feel her excitement too. He knew the four blocks to the … field would be too far for Mark to walk so he went to the garage and got out Mark’s … wagon.

      “A few minutes later Lenny was pushing Mark along toward the field in the wagon. Some of the boys stared in surprise when they arrived, but soon began drifting over to say hello to Mark.

      “‘You [playing]?’ one of them asked Lenny.

      “‘Sure … !’ declared Mark.

      “Rich pushed forward a little timidly and Jerry came up behind him.

      “‘I’m not playing right now, Lenny,’ Jerry offered, ‘I’ll visit with Mark.’

      “From then on Mark was never alone and Lenny knew that Jerry and Rich were sorry for the way they had acted.

      “It was an exciting game and after it was over Jerry and Rich took turns [pushing] Mark home as Lenny walked along beside the wagon” (Eva Gregory de Pimienta, “Bad-Weather Friends,” Friend, Apr. 1975, pp. 8–10).

  • Matching Game 
  • Situations: Spread these on the floor or in a bag/bowl. Let the children take turns reading them (with help, as needed) and answer the included questions. The class can help answer as needed.
  • Showing Love Cube – Give each child a cube template. Discuss different acts of kindness they could do themselves this week. Have them draw or write a way they can show Heavenly Father’s love to others this week on each square (like acts of kindness). Help them assemble the cube.
    • I like to p
  • Invitation: Focus on doing at least one act to show Heavenly Father’s love for others each day. They can do an act of kindness they think of or roll their kindness cube for a good idea 🙂
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 30 Jesus Christ Loves Us

Purpose: To help the children know that Jesus Christ loves and blesses children everywhere.”


  • Download “Children All Over the World” or bring songbook
  • Divide a piece of paper into 3 columns. Write “Mexico and Holland” above two columns. Leave the last one blank so the children can choose a country/child to learn about. Make a copy of this paper for each child.
  • Cover a piece of piece of cardboard with tin foil for each child to make a mirror. (You could also buy a mirror for each child, but I’m looking for cheap. :)) Write on the top of each mirror “Heavenly Father and Jesus loves me” in permanent marker.



  • One thing from their week.
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow-up from the previous week: Did you share the Brother of Jared story with your family.
  • Give a heart sticker to each child to wear on their hands or clothes. “Tell them Jesus loves you”.
  • Show Map of the world
    • Tell them that there are children all over the world and Jesus loves each and every one of them.
  • Play “Children All Over the World” song for the kids once to watch. Watch it again and encourage them to sing along, if they feel comfortable, its ok to know all the words. (I expect this is a new song for my kiddos).
  • We are going to look at some pictures and talk about how Christ treated children when he was on Earth.
  • Jesus loves the Children
  • Jesus blessing the Nephite Children
    • “Jesus Blessing the Nephite Children” picture or use the link below to show it digitally:
    • 3 Nephi 17 in your own words.
      • After Jesus died and was resurrected and went into heaven, he visitied the Nephites in America and taught them important things. The people began to cry when he had to leave because they loved him so much and wanted him to stay longer. Because of their faith and desire to have him stay, the Savior stayed longer. He told the people to bring all their children. The children surrounded him and be blessed them all one by one. Jesus said to the parents “Behold your little ones” and the heavens opened, and angels came down and made a circle around the children, and then went among them. Jesus loves all the children now as much as he loved the children then. He loves all the children, across the world.
  • Mexico
    • Write “Mexico” on the board
    • Watch the One In A Million video
    • Give each child a copy of that paper with the 3 country names written on it. Have children write or draw pictures about Mexico underneath the word strip. I may draw my own picture under “Mexico” on the board as they work.
    • Tell the manual story, in your own words:

      “One day when [their mother] came home from delivering the washing, she was discouraged. She had worked hard, but no one had been able to pay her that day, and she did not have any money to buy bread. She knew how hungry her children were because they had not eaten since their small supper of bread the night before. Miguel, the oldest, had shared his piece of bread with María, who was still hungry but who was too little to understand why there was not more. Tomás noticed that Mamá had not eaten and offered her part of his bread.

      “Miguel and Tomás wanted to help. Miguel remembered the stories Mamá had told about Jesus [Christ] when he taught the people to pray for help. Miguel and Tomás needed help, so they knelt together and prayed. After praying, Miguel and Tomás went to the bakery and asked Señor Alonzo if they could do some errands for him. Señor Alonzo, not knowing how hungry the boys were, said he did not have any work for them to do. They kept looking for jobs. By dark they had earned some money but not enough.

      “Two disappointed and hungry boys started home. As they were walking along the street, a man rode by on his bicycle. He hit a bump, and something flew out of his basket. Miguel ran after him and called for him to stop, but the man went right on. Tomás picked up the package to see what had fallen. It was a fresh loaf of bread. They hurried back to Señor Alonzo’s bakery and explained what had happened. Señor Alonzo remembered who the man was and said he would give him another loaf the next time the man came to his store. He then told the boys that he would sell the slightly damaged loaf of bread for half price. Miguel and Tomás quickly counted their money; they had just enough. The boys bought the bread and hurried home.

      “Mamá was surprised to see the bread. The boys explained how their prayers had been answered. That night a hungry family knelt down and gave thanks to [Heavenly Father] for food to eat” (Walk in His Ways: Basic Manual for Children, Part B [1979], p. 25).

      • How did Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ bless Miguel and Tomás? (By answering their prayers.)

  • Holland
    • Write “Holland” on the board.
    • Share the culture description from the manual: “Point out Holland (the Netherlands) on the map. Explain that most of this country’s land was once covered by water. The people pumped out the water and built dikes to keep the water out. Windmills were once used to run the pumps. The people are famous for raising tulips and other beautiful flowers. Some of the people in farm areas and fishing villages wear wooden shoes called klompen. These shoes are noisy on hard floors or other surfaces, but they protect the people’s feet from damp earth better than leather shoes do.”
    • Have children write or draw things about this country and culture underneath the word strip.
    • Tell the manual story:

      “Eleven-year-old John Roothoof lived in Rotterdam, Holland. He had once been happy going to school and church, playing with his friends, and doing all the things a boy enjoys. Then, without warning, a painful eye disease caused him to lose his sight. No longer could he go to school or read. He could not even see well enough to play with his friends. Each day was filled with darkness and suffering.

      “Word reached the Latter-day Saints in Holland that President Joseph F. Smith was coming to visit them. John thought about this for a long time, and then he said to his mother, ‘… If you’ll take me with you to the meeting so he can look into my eyes, I believe I’ll be healed.’

      “At the close of the meeting the next Sunday, President Smith went to the back of the small chapel to greet the people and shake hands with each one. Sister Roothoof helped John, his eyes bandaged, go with the others to speak to their beloved leader.

      “President Smith took the blind boy by the hand and then with great tenderness lifted the bandages and looked into John’s pain-filled eyes. The prophet blessed John and promised him he would see again.

      “Arriving home, John’s mother took the bandages from his eyes so she could bathe them as the doctors had told her to do. As she did so, John cried out with joy, ‘Oh, Mama, my eyes are well. I can see fine now—and far too. And I can’t feel any pain!’” (“President Smith Took Him by the Hand,” Friend, Aug. 1973, p. 36).

      • What happened to John? (The prophet blessed him to see again, and Heavenly Father healed him.)

      • How did Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ show their love for John?

  • One More Country….
    • Let the children choose one more country to learn about from the One In a Million map/website. Write the name of the country on the board. Let them also write it on the last column on their paper.
    • Watch the One In A Million video
    • Have children write or draw things about this country and culture underneath the word strip.
  • Art Project (we can do this at the end, or at any point in the lesson when the kids act like they could use a break). This is a short project. If we need to take more time, I’ll have the kids draw pictures to send the missionaries as we didn’t have very many kids attend the last time we did this.
    • Let the kids decorate the edges of their “mirror” with stickers. Tell them to take it home, and when they look at it, they can remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus loves them.
  • Invitation: To ALWAYS remember Heavenly Father and Jesus love them and all children.
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 29 Having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

** My kiddos don’t do super well with lots of stories or talking and only some of them are willing to do things like act out stories. So usually the manual lesson plans aren’t a great fit for my class as-is so I try to add in plenty of activities or little things to keep their attention as I teach. This is the reason I do lesson plans – But this lesson I won’t be adding as many activities and changes so you’ll see a lot more of the manual copied into my lesson.

This lesson has way more than we’ll get through… I don’t mind being over-prepared. Pick and choose what works for you. 🙂


  • Gather 16 small rocks/stones
  • Paint rocks with craft glow-in-the-dark paint or attach a glow in the dark star to 16 small rocks. I plan to paint each rock (not with glowing paint, just fun, bright colors), hot glue a glowing star on it, and write the word “Faith” on each one. Each child will get to take one home after.
  • 16 stones – hidden somewhere by my husband during sunday school (we have class the last hour). I will be doing this in a small grassy spot outside, by our classroom or on our church stage which is usually vacant.
  • Copies of Brother of Jared coloring page or puzzle

Materials Needed:

  • “A Dinosaur Goes to Church” picture book (for additional reverence mini-lesson)
  • Flashlight (or any item) and cloth to cover it. Later use the flashlight to brighten each of the glow-in-the-dark stars
  • Chalk and eraser
  • Cloth and object to hide under the cloth
  • Crayons
  • Paper
  • Small ziplock bag for each child, if you choose to do the puzzle version of the color page.


  • Each child may share one thing about their week (practice taking turns speaking and listening)
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow-up last week’s invitation: telling their family about The Army of Helaman/Stripling Warriors
  • We’re having some reverence issues… so I plan on doing a Reverence Mini-lesson at the beginning of this lesson if a couple kids in particular are there. It is on my previous post. 🙂
  • Pull out an item, covered with a cloth.
    • Ask the kids is they believe there is something under the cloth? Why? Let the children guess what is under the rock, then let them look.
    • Point out that they could not see the item, but believed it was there. Same with Jesus Christ, we can not see him, we believe he is there. “We see evidence of his existence everywhere as we look at the world that He created, as we see all that he created and read the scriptures. Long ago and the modern prophets have taught us of Christ. (Thomas S. Monson)
  • In my own words, tell the story of The Brother of Jared using visual aid printables.
    • Printables:
    • We have been learning about the Nephites and Lamanites. Today we are learning about a group of people that lived a long time before the Nephites and Lamanites. Their leader was named Jared and the people were called the Jaradites. Jared had a brother with great faith. Because of Jared’s faith, Christ blessed him and his people.
    • Jesus Christ told the Jaredites to gather their family and everything they owned, including seeds to plant and their animals.  He told them that after they had gathered everything together, he would lead them to a special land he’d picked out just for them. They were faithful and obeyed what Jesus had asked them to do.
    • Jesus talked with the brother of Jared from a cloud and led the Jaredites into the wilderness. (draw cloud on the blackboard and put visual aids on it). They crossed many waters and traveled to the great sea. The brother of Jared and his people were blessed because of his faith. As they had faith in what Jesus told them and did as he told them, He blessed them.
    • When the Jaredites made it to the sea, they needed a way to cross it. Jesus Christ instructed the brother of Jared to build eight barges, like boats or ships, to carry the Jaredites across the ocean to the promised land. The Jaredites followed his directions and built the barges. The Savior told the brother of Jared that the barges would be under the water some of the time, so they were to be built so that water could not leak in.
    • The following scripture will tell them how Jesus described the barges. Listen carefully because you’ll need to remember the details. I’ll have a child read Ether 2:17, if possible. Have the children place cupped hands together like a ship, turning them one way, than another like they are a barge rolling in the ocean.
    • Pass out paper and crayosn. Ask the children to draw what they think the barges look like. Read scripture again, if needed. Explain that we don’t know exactly what they looked like, we only have the description in the scriptures.
    • Continue to tell the story: Because of the tightness of the barges, there was no light to see or hole for fresh air to breath. Jesus told them to cut a hole in the top and bottom of each barge that they could plug and unplug as needed. The Brother of Jared knew they still needed light to see when the holes were plugged up. He prayed and asked what they could do.
    • Read or have a child read Ether 2:23. Explain that Christ asked Jared what he thought they should do for like.
    • Ask the kids what they think could have been done for light?
    • Continue the story: The Brother of Jared went to a mountain and melted sixteen small, clear stones out of a rock. He took these stones to a top of a mountain (draw a mountain on the board and places stones pictures on it). He prayed and said he knew that if the Lord touched the stones they would give off light. They would put these stones in the barges for light. He had Faith in the Lord that he had power to make the rocks have light and had enough faith to act by preparing rocks and taking them up the mountain.
    • Acitivity Break: Take the kids to the location where I’ve had rocks hidden (I plan to use the stage or small grassy area near our classroom). Ask the kids to find the 16 stones.
    • Read or have a child read Ether 3:6. Ask the kids what happened in the scripture? Help as needed (Christ touched the stones with His finger to give them light because of the Brother of Jared’s Faith).
    • Shine a flashlight on each glowing star/paint on each of the 16 rocks so they glow.
    • Display picture of the Lord’s finger touching the rocks:
    •  “When the brother of Jared saw Jesus Christ’s finger touch the stones, he was so surprised that he fell to the ground. When the Lord asked him why he fell to the ground, the brother of Jared said that he didn’t know that the Lord had a finger like a man. Then Jesus asked the brother of Jared if he believed all the words that the Lord had spoken. When the brother of Jared said yes, the Lord told him that because of his great faith, the Lord could show himself to him. Then Jesus showed himself to the brother of Jared and told him that never had a man shown as much faith as he had.”
      • Why did Jesus Christ show himself to the brother of Jared? (Because the Brother of Jared had great faith.)
    • The Jaredites also had great faith in Jesus Christ. Soon the Jaredites boarded their ships. Because of their faith in him, they were guided safely to the promised land.
    • Color Page –  I drew puzzle lines on my original, before copying. They will be able to color it and cut it into a puzzle. Take ziploc bags for the pieces, if you choose to do it this way. You could also just color it. Just a tiny switch up from the usual color page. Download the lesson, print page 3 only to get the coloring page. If time runs out, I will send this home as my weekly invitation and a chance for them to talk to their family about the story of the Brother of Jared.
    • Closing Prayer:

Reverence Mini-lesson

We’re having some reverence issues… specifically in sharing time. So I plan to use this as the first part of our next lesson to chat about reverence… I’m going to use something I’ve been trying with my own kiddos.

  • We’ll read the picture book “A Dinosaur Goes to Church” (I found this on Amazon used for cheap). 
  • I’ll draw a line to divide the chalkboard in half. I’ll ask the kid’s why we should be reverent? I’ll write those answers on one wide under the title “Why?”
  • On the other side we’ll write “How” we can show reverence… what does it look life? I’ll ask specifically what reverence looks like in sharing time.
  • I’ll bring some dinosaur stickers so they can each put on one their hand to remind them that they don’t want to be a dinosaur at church. I plan to bring dinosaur stickers to put on their hands during sharing time in the future when they need a quiet reminder on how they should be acting. I’ll bring the story for review, as needed.  (I found some cheap stickers at Walmart in the scrapbook section).