Primary 3 Lesson 35 Temples and Eternal Families

Purpose: “To help children understand that families can be together forever.”



  • Ipad or other device to show pictures (and video, if desired). Or use physical copies.
  • Temple picture to show children (I plan to use the one in the Gospel Art Book)


  • Each child shares something about their week
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow up from last week: Do you remember what we talked about last week? (Prayer) How were you able to focus of prayer this week?
  • Introduction: We have a Heavenly and an Earthly Family 
    • Sing or listen to the words to “A Happy Family” (I plan to play it on my phone on my lds music app).
    • Explain that we are going to learn about eternal/forever families today and how Temples are part of that.
  • Plan of Salvation – Use Plan of Salvation visual or simple chalkboard drawings as you teach the following:
    • Pre-mortal life – we lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus before this life. We were very happy, but we wanted all the knowledge Heavenly Father had. So we choose to come here and get bodies, like He had, and gain more knowledge. Not everyone choose to come here, receive bodies and live on Earth.
    • Show picture
    • Who are these people in the picture? (Adam and Eve – they were the first parents on Earth. Heavenly Father told them to have children. They had the first family on this Earth. Heavenly Father loved Adam and Eve and their children. He told them to teach their children the gospel.)
    • Today, we are still sent in families on Earth. We are on Earth to gain bodies, learn and be tested, and prepare to live with God again. Heavenly Father loves all children and has told parents to teach their children the gospel.
    • While we are Earth, we can be sealed to our family in the Temple. (show picture of the temple)
      • What are temples? (sacred buildings)
      • Each one is called the house of the Lord.
      • We learn many things about heavenly Father’s plan for us in temples.
      • Inside the temple, we make special promises, or covenants, with our Heavenly Father.
      • Who has ever been in the temple or on the temple grounds? How did/does it feel when you are there?
    • Someday, we will all die and leave this Earth. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to live again as families in heaven. Because we are sealed in Temples, we can live together forever.
    • Temple Matching Game: Lay all “cards” face down (temple and question cards, mixed up). Each class member gets a chance to flip over two cards. If they turn over a question, it is not a match, but you can have them answer the question or discuss it as a class. Take the chance to discuss temples and answer any of the children’s questions as you do this. Then, remove the question card into the discard pile and flip the temple picture back over. If they get a match, they take those cards or put them in a discard pile. If they get two temples pictures, but they do not match, they flip them back over. Continue with the next player in the circle, letting everyone have turns. Play until all matches are made and all questions answered/discussed so all cards are used/removed.
    • Questions on cards are listed below, with answers:How can you prepare to be worthy to go to the temple? (Read the scriptures, learn the gospel, keep the commandments, love your family, choose the right, etc.)Why are temples special? (House of the Lord, we can be sealed to our family there, the spirit is there…)

      How do we pay for temples? (Tithing)

      How should we treat our bodies? (Like temples, clean, pure)

      What do we do in the temple? (Marriage, baptisms for the dead, endownment – is something we do to make promises and gain special knowledge to become like Heavenly Father)

      Who can enter the temple? (Those who are keeping All of God’s commandments and receive a temple recommend)

      Who does Heavenly Father want to go to the temple? (Everyone! That’s why we do missionary work.)

  • Optional/Extra Activity, as needed: Play Video
  • Invitation:
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 34 We Can Pray To Heavenly Father

Purpose: “To strengthen each child’s desire to pray to Heavenly Father as Jesus Christ did.”


  • Print copies (or make your own by hand) of the “I Thank Thee/I Ask Thee” page. I will be printing out page one of this free handout rather than making my own as the LDS Primary manual suggests
  • Bingo Boards – make sure to print a unique board for each kiddo and printing/cutting pieces to draw from to tell them which to mark. – I already had these printed in color and laminated from an FHE swap I did a couple years ago. I think this will be a fun, learning break for my busy class and a chance that we can still talk about prayer as we play. You could also keep it simple and just print black and white copies, not laminated.
  • Optional: Handout Prayer flip book/flash cards.  I printed them in color, laminated, hole punched, and tied them with a ribbon last time I made them.
  • Optional: “How to pray” visual aid as you feel appropriate (or could draw it on the board). The one I used is linked in lesson plan below.
  • Make sure you have what is needed to show “One in a Million” video”


  • Ipad or other digital device, if wanted, for pictures.
  • Picture Girl Praying (Gospel art or digitally on Ipad or Other device)
  • Jesus Praying with the Nephites (Gospel art or digitally on Ipad or Other device)
  • Bingo card markers for each child (such as beans, fish crackers,cut or punched out colored paper, etc).
  • Purple (my daughter’s favorite experience) for story


  • Have each child share something about their week
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow Up: Did you remember to listen to the sacrament prayers and try to reverent during the sacrament? What have you been doing to help yourself be reverent during sacrament?
  • Introduce:
    • Display the picture of the Girl Praying
    • How can we talk to our Heavenly Father? (prayer)
    • Why do we pray to our Heavenly Father? (To talk to Him, to tell Him things we are grateful for or need, he loves us, he is our father and wants to hear from us just like our dad here on Earth)
      • If you hadn’t seen your dad for a long time, would you want to talk to him? Do you think he’d want to hear from you? Heavenly Father is our dad is heaven. He wants to hear from us! When we pray, its like a phone call to our dad in Heaven. (Be sensitive to potential sensitive family situations if you use this scenario!)
    • When Can we pray to Heavenly Father (any time, any place, as much as needed).
  • Story of Christ Praying: 
    • Show picture
    • Christ prayed to Heavenly Father many times when he lived on the Earth.
    • The Book of Mormon tells us that Christ gathered the people around and had them kneel down. He then knelt too and prayed to Heavenly Father. It was such a beautiful prayer that people were filled with joy when they heard his words. (reference LDS Primary 3 manual)
    • Read 3 Nephi 18:16 Ask: What does this verse teach us?
    • Christ left the Nephites, but came back and prayed to Heavenly Father. He thanked him for helping the Nephites and asked them to bless the people. Christ prayed many times.
  • What can we learn from this?
    • Christ prayed often, so should we,
    • Christ showed up what to say in our prayers: saying thank you and then asking for blessings we or others may need.
  • Share video about a child’s experience with prayer:
  • What are the steps or parts of saying a prayer? (Addressing Heavenly Father, thank you, ask, In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen)
  • What special words do we sometimes use when we talk to Heavenly Father?
    • Thee, thou ,thine
  • We Can Thank Heavenly Father 
    • When we talk to Heavenly Father, we use specials words: “We thank thee”
    • What are things we could tell Heavenly Father thank you for?
      • Have each child practice saying “we thank thee ___” (filling in the blank)
      • Use a bingo card, pointing to the “thankful for” column if the children need an aid. Or offer your own suggestions.
      • Pass out columned papers and let the kids write or draw pictures of things they are grateful for in the correct column.
  • We Can Ask Heavenly Father for Forgiveness and Help
    • Bear testimony that I know that no matter what the problem is, we can ask Heavenly Father for help whenever we need it. (I will tell a personal experience about my daughter losing her favorite toy).
    • When we talk to Heavenly Father, we use specials words: “I ask thee”
    • What are some things we can ask Heavenly Father to help us with?
      • Have ever child share one thing they might be able to ask for help with, or have in the past.
      • Use a bingo card, pointing to the “ask for” column if the children need an aid. Or offer your own suggestions.
      • Pass out columned papers and let the kids write or draw pictures of things they might ask for in the correct column.
  • Activity: Prayer Bingo: Give each child a bingo card and markers. Play bingo as is typical, but take chances to talk about the pictures that are chosen as you mark them. Use this as a teaching tool!
  • Invitation:
  • Closing Prayer
  • EXTRA: Handout – Prayer flip book/flash cards. I’ll be making one set of these for each of my kiddos, if I get color printer access. They are so cute and are a nice reminder and tool for helping kids pray and teaching them the importance of gratitude in prayer. Might be nice to include a parent note so they can realize the great potential of this tool. I sometimes write a little note for kids to give their parents that explains what we learned and what they can work on.