Primary 3 Lesson 40 Worshiping at Church

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Sorry I’ve been so slow on my posting for the last month or two… pregnancy has been kicking my butt! But I’m hoping nausea will be improving over the next weeks and I’ll be more up to getting my lessons done at night instead of dealing with night sickness. Thank you for being patient with me!


Also, I will not be teaching this lesson due to scheduling in our ward. The Priesthood will be teaching primary for this lesson while all the sisters have a special Relief Society lesson. Since I’m struggling to prepare lessons anyways, I’ve decided not to create an outline/lesson plan for this lesson since I won’t be using it anyways. But I did want to share a couple activities that I thought might be fun to use with it.


  • This lesson will be on the same day as our primary program in sacrament. I expect the kids will be very wiggly by the time they get to our class (third hour). So I thought it would be fun to let the kids build a little church out of legos during the lesson – definitely playing primary songs as they work or teaching aspects of the lesson as they do it, to keep the spirit. 🙂
  • Church house to color, cut and glue.
  • You may choose to use this Sabbath Day Game from the same website.

Primary 3 Lesson 39 Showing Love for Our Parents



  • Needed pictures or device to show them online and to record videos
  • Eraser and chalk/dry erase marker
  • Crayons or colored pencils for kids to use
  • Bean bag, soft ball or other soft object such as a stuffed animal, to be passed around.


  • Family Tree: Give each child a copy of the family tree. Have them add drawn pictures and names for their family (mom, dad, siblings).  Please be sensitive with this activity if you have family situations that may vary.(Play Primary songs, especially ones about the family, as kids work so you can maintain reverence).
  • Ask: Why did Heavenly Father give us parents? (To love us, take care of us, and teach us His commandments).
  • Explain: Heavenly Father has told us show love to our parents. He knows we can do this.
  • Drawing Stories: Have a child come to the board and draw the child or an image from the story, as you tell it. You could make additional stories so each child gets a turn or have a couple children come up for each story so everyone gets a chance. Stories are below, from LDS Primary 3 Manual
    • Story 1: Emma could tell Mother was not feeling well. Mother looked tired and often sat down to rest. Even Mother’s voice sounded tired when she spoke to David and John, Emma’s younger brothers. Emma thought of all the things her mother did for her and wished she could help Mother feel better.

      • What are some things Emma could do to help her mother?

      Emma sat down with her younger brothers and played with them. She helped them play quietly and happily. Then she helped them lie down to rest so that Mother could take a nap. Later Emma helped them put their toys away.

      When Mother finished preparing lunch, Emma helped David and John wash their hands and get ready for prayer. Mother smiled at Emma and gave her a big hug.

      “Thank you for being such a wonderful help today,” Mother whispered in Emma’s ear.


      • How did Emma show her love for her mother?

      • How do you think Emma felt after helping her mother?

      • How do you think her mother felt?

    • Story 2: 

      Tell in your own words the following story about Annand and his father:

      At last Annand was put in charge of the goats. Finally he was old enough to stay with the goats as they grazed on the mountain. Annand was eight years old and had eagerly waited for the responsibility of taking care of the goat herd.

      Annand thought of how each morning he and his dog, Numie, would gather the goats together and follow the other herders as they took the village goats up the mountain trail to the high grass. In the evening his father came to the mountain and helped Annand and Numie drive the goats home.

      His father had said, “Never leave the mountain trail, Annand. If you lose a goat, call to him, but never leave the trail. The mountain is rugged and very dangerous. My son, you must do what I say. Never leave the mountain trail.”

      Day after day Annand’s new responsibility became easier, and he began to love the hours he spent on the mountain.

      One afternoon, Annand realized that his father was late in coming to help him. He decided that he would round up the goats and start down the trail to meet his father. With the help of Numie, he soon had the goats in a circle. He was upset to find that there were three goats missing—Summa, the old she goat, and her two kids. What was he going to do? Annand decided that Summa had probably gone higher up the trail where they had taken her many times before. He must go after her.

      Leaving Numie to watch the other goats, he started higher up the mountain trail. Soon he spotted Summa and her small ones far off the mountain trail in a little patch of grass. There were many bushes and rocks, and Annand could not see what was between him and Summa. Annand knew he must stay on the path, so he called, but Summa walked farther away.

      It began to get dark, and soon Annand could not see the three goats at all. He knew that something had to be done, so he decided to go after them. Surely he could get them and come back to the trail.

      As he began to leave the trail, he remembered what his father had said, “Annand, you must never leave the mountain trail.”

      Annand knew he must obey his father, so he sat down and once again began to call for Summa. Suddenly, he heard a rustle in the grass. He looked up to see the she goat and her two little ones. They had come to him after all.

      Annand herded them back down the trail, where he met his father coming after him. Together they took the goats home with Numie in the lead.

      The next day Annand took his father back to the place where he had waited for Summa. Annand’s father took him around the nearby brush and showed him a steep ledge. Annand might have fallen off the ledge had he gone after Summa. Annand was thankful in his heart that he had obeyed and honored his father.


      • How do you think Annand felt about his father? (He loved him.)

      • How did Annand show love for his father? (He obeyed him by not leaving the trail.)

      • How did obeying his father help Annand? (He stayed on the trail and was safe.)

      Explain that sometimes we can’t understand why our parents tell us to do certain things. Righteous parents love their children and want what is best for them. Children should obey their parents and do what they ask them to do. When we obey our parents, we are showing our love for them.

  • Bean bag toss: Take turns passing a bean bag or soft item such as a soft ball or stuffed animal to each child. When they catch the object, they can answer the following questions:
    • What do my parents do to show me love?
    • What can I do to show my parents love?
  • Mormon and Moroni: Briefly review the story of Mormon that we learned this week. Continue it by telling about his son Moroni. Emphasis that Mormon loved Moroni and wanted him to be happy. He knew this would happen as he loved Heavenly Father and followed His commandments. Moroni obeyed his Father’s teachings because he loved him. (You could have a child illustrate on the board for this story as well).
  • Color and Video: Let each child make a short video on your smart phone or tablet to say why they love and appreciate their parents. Prepare them before hand by discussing as a  class, reasons they love their parents. Remind the children they’ll need to be quiet while their classmates speak so they can be heard on the video. If there are 2 teachers, you could do this in the hallway outside your classroom with one teacher while the other helps the class. Send the video of each child to their parent after church. Pass out color pages for the kids to work on as they await their turn.
  • Invitation:
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 38 I Can Be Pure and Righteous


  • salt and pepper
  • “Who’s Your Hero Volume 2” book by David Bowman (if you so choose)
  • Various Book Of Mormon story pictures from the church  library
  • Words or device to play “Choose the Right Way”


  • Each child shares something about their week.
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow-Up: Can anyone tell me the story of the Good Samaritan, that we learned last week?
  • Introduction: 
  • Tell the story of Mormon with an emphasis on how he was pure and righteous.
    • I’ll be reading the Mormon/Moroni story in the “Who’s Your Hero? Volume 2” book. You could also tell the story without this book.
  • Questions: How can we be pure? What kind of people should we be? (We should try to think act, do, talk as we think Christ would)
  • Sing “Choose the Right Way” (or play it on your phone on the LDS Music App)
  • Scenarios and Discussion (You may choose to share one or all of these – I expect my kids will not be able to sit for all of them). From LDS Primary 3 Manual:
    • Explain that these are how kids, like the, wanted to be pure and righteous:.


      When Ryan’s new neighbors moved in next door, he became friends with one of them, a boy his age named Tyler. They played together almost every day. One day they were outside playing ball with the other boys in the neighborhood. Tyler became angry because his team was losing the game and began saying bad words and swearing at the other team. The boys walked away because they were not having fun anymore and no longer wanted to play with Tyler. Ryan stayed to talk to Tyler. He explained to Tyler that their parents had taught them that it is wrong to talk that way to others. He said that they did not like to hear such words. Ryan then told Tyler that if he wanted to play without using bad words, he would ask the other boys to come back and play again.

      • How did Ryan show that he was pure and righteous? (He did not swear, and he tried to help another boy learn that it is not right to swear.)

      • Why is it wrong to swear? (Explain that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to speak kindly. They do not want us to use their names in an angry or unloving way, which is referred to as “taking their names in vain.” Those who swear are setting a bad example. Swear words may put unkind thoughts in our minds and bad feelings in our hearts.)

    • 2.

      One day when Corby was playing outside, he and several of his friends were called over to a corner of the playground by another boy. This boy had some cigarettes in his pocket. He wanted the boys to try smoking them. The boys all looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Finally Corby spoke up and said that he didn’t want to smoke and refused to do it. The other boys agreed that they did not want to do it either.

      • How did Corby show that he was pure and righteous? (He refused to smoke.)

      • How did this help the other boys?

      • What would you have done if you had been there?

    • 3.

      Gary was at his friend’s house looking at magazines. Gary’s friend found some bad pictures in a magazine and wanted Gary to look at them. Gary felt very uncomfortable when he realized what kind of pictures were in the magazine. He knew that Jesus Christ would not look at such pictures. Gary said that he didn’t want to, and he suggested that they go outside and play.

      • How was Gary righteous? (He refused to look at bad pictures.)

      Point out that some magazines, books, movies, and television shows are not righteous and can give us evil thoughts. Stress how important it is to keep our minds pure and filled with righteous thoughts like Gary did.

  • As time remains: Share favorite Book of Mormon stories
    • Scatter Book of Mormon story pictures. (Or kids could take turns flipping through the Gospel Art Book).
    • Explain to the kids that Mormon helped preserve the Book of Mormon for us.
    • Let each child pick the picture of one of their favorite scripture stories.
    • Have the kids take turns sharing their scripture story with the class.
  • Invitation:
  • Closing Prayer:

Primary 3 Lesson 37 I’ll Serve Jesus Christ by Serving Others

Sorry! Due to illness, I’ve become very behind on posting lessons!

For this lesson, I used the following:

First half of the powerpoint on sugardoodle for this lesson:


After using the powerpoint and video to do the song activity and tell the Good Samaritan story, I let the kids cut and color out this scripture color page. As they finished early, they could use the visuals to tell me or another kid in class the story.


It was a tough week for my class, so they is all we got through. We did play primary songs as they worked on their coloring and cutting. It was a great activity for these busy kiddos


Primary 3 Lesson 36 Showing Love for Jesus Christ

Purpose: “Help the children show love for Jesus Christ by doing what he wants them to do”.



  • Gospel Art Book
  • Device to play video, and song (if you so choose)
  • Chalk or whiteboard markers and eraser
  • Crayons if you plan to do optional coloring page


  • Each child can share something about their week
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Follow-up: Ask the kids about General Conference. Did they watch anything? Do they remember anything they learned? How did they feel as they watched conference?
  • Introduction: Tell the children that I’ve hidden 6 clues around the classroom. These are going to help tell us what the lesson is about.
    • Have the children put them in order 1-6, after all the clues have been found. Read the clues for each child. After each clue, ask them what they think we’ll be learning about today.
    • Who are these clues about? (Jesus Christ)
    • We know Jesus Christ loves us because he has done so much for us.
  • Ask the following question. Pass around a soft ball or other soft object that they can catch as they answer: “What has Jesus Christ done for us?
    • Answers: He gave us commandments, prophets, His Church, and the priesthood ordinances. Through his Atonement, He’s made it possible to repent and be forgiven)
    • Jesus Christ has shown us His love by giving us these blessings.
    • These are ways Jesus Christ has shown love to us, we can also show our love for him.
  • Write: “I can show Love for Jesus Christ by…” on the top of the chalk/white board.
    • Split the board into three sections.
    • At the top of each section, you’ll be drawing a picture to describe a way you can show love to Jesus Christ. Explain this – that you’ll be drawing 3 pictures to help them guess ways they can show love to Jesus Christ.
    • Obeying the Commandments 
      • Draw picture to guess (I think I’ll make a little list 1 – 10 to represent the 10 commandments)
      • Read John 14:15
      • Explain that the picture represents the ten commandments. One way to show love to Jesus is by keeping all His commandments. We make a promise to keep His commandments when we are baptized.
      • Write Keep the commandments on the board, by the picture you have drawn.
      • Ask: What are commandments? (Rules from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help us be happy)
      • Have all the children stand up and sit when they answer this question: What are some of the commandment we can keep to show our love for Jesus Christ? (use verbal suggestions or pictures in the gospel art book to prompt answers, as needed)
    • Taking Care of Church Property
      • Draw a picture to guess (I think I’ll draw a little stick figure cleaning up hymn books or something).
      • If the children can’t guess (they probably won’t with my drawing skills! ha!), tell the following story and tell them to think of what this girl is doing to show love to Jesus.
      • Read the following story from the LDS Primary 3 manual:

        A very bad storm had just passed through the area where Kim lived. Because Kim’s family lived only a short walk from their new meetinghouse, the bishop called her father to check on the building after the storm. Kim and her father walked together, picking their way around tree limbs that had blown down in the wind. Some homes had lost windows, and they passed some damaged vehicles. Kim was worried that the meetinghouse might also be damaged.

        As they approached the meetinghouse, they could see that at least one large window had been broken in the storm. Rain water had washed inside, along with mud, leaves, trash, twigs, and small branches. Kim’s father asked her to wait outside while he made sure it was safe to enter. He quickly returned, reporting that the rest of the building seemed undamaged. Together they went inside the meetinghouse. As Kim’s father looked around to survey the damage more closely, Kim began to get busy. Without being told, she started to gather the leaves, twigs, small branches, and trash that had blown inside during the storm.

        Kim’s father got another member of the ward to help, and soon they had the window covered. As the men worked to protect the window, Kim kept busy with her cleanup. Soon nearly all the branches and leaves had been pulled out of the way. Kim’s father offered to take her home to rest, but Kim wanted to help clean the meetinghouse. She stayed and worked as they cleaned out the mud and washed the walls and floor.

        • How did Kim show her love for Jesus Christ? (She helped to clean the meetinghouse.)

        • How do you think Kim felt after the job was finished?

        • How can you take care of church property? (clean up your own things when you leave sacrament meeting, be gentle on hymn books so they aren’t broken, cleaning up chairs after class so the room can be well-vacuumed later, helping with their family when it’s our ward’s turn to clean the building)
        • Write: taking care of church property on the board, by the picture.
    • When We Love Others
      • Draw a picture to guess (I’ll probably draw two people hugging, or sharing something with each other)
      • If the children can not guess the picture, play or sing the song “Love One Another” and tell them to be thinking of what way this song tells us we can love Jesus.
      • After the song, ask the children if they know what the song was telling us to do to show love to Jesus? (Love others)
      • Write “Love others” on the board, by the picture.
      • Explain to the kids that you’ll be showing the kids a video of how one boy found a way to show love to someone else. This way a way he also showed Love to Jesus. Ask the children to be thinking of ways they could show love towards others too.
      • Ask the children what they saw, felt, and thought at they watched the video?
      • Explain that “Jesus Christ is the most kind and understanding person who ever lived. We must be very loving to others if we are to love as he does… we know he loves us very much. We are to love other people with that same kind of love.”
      • Invitation: Give each child a strip of paper to write one way they can show love to Jesus this week. (They can also draw a picture of what they will do, if they can’t write it).
      • Closing Prayer:
      • Optional Extra, if needed/wanted: coloring page