*Lesson is from the LDS Primary 2 Manual, lesson 4. I have put it in a simpler easy-to-read outline form and made some alterations to fit how I’d like to teach.

Purpose: “To help each child feel the joy that Jesus Christ’s birth brought to the earth.”



  • Bring magnets or masking/painters tape to hang each of the word stripes.
  • Pencils or other writing utensil for kids to write their names on word stripes.
  • Device to play Nativity scriptures story (I use my Ipad).  You may want to download the video clip before hand in case of internet issues.
  • “Who’s Your Hero? The Ultimate Collection: Volume 2”  picture book by David Bowman
  • Optional Extra Activity: crayons (or other coloring utensils), glue sticks and scissors


  • Review classroom expectations (if needed?)
  • Each child shares one thing about their week
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Introduction:
    • Tell the kids: “I am thinking of a special day” and that you’ll give them a clue. Raise your hand when you’ve guessed what day I’m thinking of.
    • Hum “Happy Birthday” song
    • Ask: “What special day am I thinking of?”
    • Ask: “What do you like best about your birthday?
    • Have the children say the name of each month as you make a timeline on the wall by hanging the month word strips.
    • Have each child write their name on one of the additional word strips
    • Let each child take a turn hanging their name under the month they were born on the year timeline you’ve created.
    • Ask: How do you think your parents felt when you were born?
    • “Remind the children that being born and receiving a physical body is an important part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us”.
  • Jesus Christ’s Birthday was a wonderful day
    • We are going to learn about the birth of a baby that people waited many years for.
    • Long ago the prophets said that one day a Savior would be born. He would make it possible for us to live with Heavenly Father again.
    • Ask: “Who was this baby?” (Jesus Christ)
    • Explain to the children that we are going to watch a video about the birth of Christ. This was a very special day. The prophets taught that Christ would come, but they didn’t know when so they just had to wait. This was a special day that some people looked forward to because they were taught that Christ would be born and would make it possible for them to live with Heavenly Father again someday.
    • Tell the children to imagine that they were children long ago, before the birth of Christ. They lived near the city of Bethlehem and were taught by their parents to look forward to the birth of the Savior. As you were out in the fields, helping your dad tend to the sheep, the night was quiet and peaceful. The stars were bright. An angel appeared to tell them the good news… that Christ was born. We learn about this in the Bible.
    • Ask: How do you think you would feel?
    • “We are going to watch a short movie about this special day.”
    • Show Video: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2010-11-06-chapter-5-jesus-christ-is-born?category=new-testament/new-testament-stories&&lang=eng
    • Tell the children that because of the Book of Mormon, we know people lived in Jerusalem, like the video, but also in the Americas. We are going to read about how this special day when Christ was born was for the people in the Americas.
    • Read story of those who awaited Christ’s birth in America using the Who’s Your Hero? book
  • Optional Extra Activity: Coloring page from the LDS Primary 2 Manual
    • Let each child color a copy of the  baby Jesus coloring page
    • Let the children (with your help, as needed) cut out the manger and baby Jesus
    • Using a glue stick, have the children add glue to the manger and attach the baby Jesus so he is laying in it.
  • Invitation: Tell your parents about the story of Baby Jesus’ birth and why it brought Joy to the people.
  • Closing Prayer: