Purpose: “To help the children understand that they can grow closer to Heavenly Father by praying reverently”.


  • Color and Cut the Prayer Sandwich on this link: http://www.sugardoodle.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=111382
  • Print, color, and cut the following color page (or any – a color copy would save time too, but I don’t have a color printer). https://www.lds.org/friend/2012/09/coloring-page?lang=eng Cut into into 5 puzzle pieces and write the following on each of the pieces so each piece has something different. (You could skip this, I will be doing it as a way to keep my class involved and hands on, something to look forward to doing throughout the lesson). Hide all, but the first puzzle piece before the kids enter the classroom. I’ll have my class wait for just a moment before entering the classroom after sharing time so I can do it.
    1. We get ready before we pray
    2. We can feel close to Heavenly Father when we pray
    3. We speak reverently when we pray
    4. We pray to THANK Heavenly Father for our blessings
    5. We pray to ask for Heavenly Father’s Help
  • Word strips or chalk for chalkboard to write “thee” and “you”
  • Optional Extra: Color Page copy for each child. Page is attached at the bottom of the page on this link: https://www.lds.org/friend/2009/03/what-should-i-know-about-prayer?lang=eng


  • Pretzels for the children to eat (Check on allergies first!)
  • Iphone to play song or sing it without.
  • Painters tape or another paint/wall safe tape or way to adhere the puzzle pieces around the room
  • LDS Primary pictures 2-15 and 2-16
  • Optional Extra: Crayons for class to color activity page with
  • Ipad or other device to play video: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-08-106-including-me?lang=eng


  • Mark incentive chart for sharing time behavior
  • Each child shares one thing about the week
  • Introduction
    • Display picture 2:14
    • Play “A Prayer Song” on LDS App on phone, ask children to listen carefully to the words
  • Opening Prayer:
  • We Get Ready Before We Pray:
    • Puzzle Piece #1: You should have kept this first puzzle piece. Read the back and hang in on the chalk board and lay on the floor, in the center of your class so everyone can see. This is where the puzzle will be assembled.
    • Ask: Why do we bow our heads when we pray (shows Heavenly Father love, honor, and respect).
    • Ask: Why do we fold our arms when we pray? (Moving our arms and wiggling may distract ourselves and others from the prayer).
      • Give each child pretzels to eat (check on allergies first!)
      • Tell them the history of the pretzel:
        • “Popular legend states that a long time ago, there was a kind Italian monk. He knew the importance of prayer. He created a very special treat for the children that memorized their prayers. The monk cut soft bread dough into long strips and then folded them into a special shape before baking them. The unique shape of the pretzel is like a child with folded arms. He called the treats “pretiolas” or “little rewards”. Just like the little children in the story, we are rewarded when we fold our arms and bow our heads to pray to our Father in Heaven. We are rewarded with love, peace, comfort, guidance, strength and forgiveness.”
      • The children may need a drink break when they are finished with their pretzel snack (we do bathroom/drink breaks as a class once during the hour class).
    • Ask: Why do we close our eyes when we pray? (we are less likely to be distracted by things around us if we close our eyes and really listen to the words of the prayer and of Heavenly Father).
    • Remind the kids that Heavenly Father always hears our prayers, even if we can’t fold our arms or close our eyes. But it does help us focus on our prayer and focus on communicating with Heavenly Father.
  • We Can Feel Close to Heavenly Father When We Pray
    • Have a child find Puzzle Piece #2 and add it to the puzzle.
    • Show Pictures 2-15 and 2-16 and explain that this is Brigham Young and Heber J. Grant
    • Read or tell in your own words the following story from the LDS Primary 2 Manual https://www.lds.org/manual/primary-2/lesson-10?lang=eng
      • “Many years ago, Brigham Young was the prophet and President of the Church. A boy about six years old named Heber J. Grant played with one of President Young’s little boys. Often Heber would be playing in President Young’s home when it was time to call the family together for prayer. Heber would kneel down with the family, fold his arms, bow his head, close his eyes, and listen as President Young prayed. Because of the way President Young talked with Heavenly Father, it seemed to Heber that Heavenly Father was right there in the room. Sometimes Heber even opened his eyes to see if Heavenly Father was there. Of course, he saw only President Young and his family. But still he was sure that Heavenly Father was with President Young, hearing him and giving him the help and guidance he was asking for.

        When Heber grew up, he became an Apostle and later President of the Church”

  • We Speak Reverently When We Pray
    • Have a child find Puzzle Piece #3 and add it to the puzzle.
    • Use the “prayer sandwich” printable (already prepared) to discuss the parts of prayer:
      • Piece of bread #1  – We say someone’s name to get their attention before we ask or say something. We do the same in prayer. We start with “Dear Heavenly Father”
      • Read 3 Nephi 18:19 Jesus told us how to end our prayers
      • Piece of bread #2 – We end our prayers in the words “in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”.
      • Ask: Does anyone know why we say “amen” at the end of the prayer when someone else is saying it.  (It means we are agreeing with what the person saying the prayer has said. We have been praying WITH the person who is saying the prayer.)
      • Explain that how we speak shows reverence. We use special words.
      • Hang up the word strip or write on the whiteboard “You”.
      • Ask what word do we use instead? (Thee). Write or add the “Thee” word strip to the wall.
      • Have the kids practice by repeating after you “We thank thee, We ask thee”.
      • We use the word “thee” instead of you as a way of showing Heavenly Father that we respect and honor him.
  • We Pray to Thank Heavenly Father for our Blessings
    • Explain that we pray for two very important reasons. This is the first.
    • Have a child find Puzzle Piece #4 and add it to the puzzle.
    • Game: (From the LDS Primary 2 manual lesson 10)
      • Divide the class into two teams. Alternating between teams, have the children take turns naming something Heavenly Father has done for them. Each time they must name something that has not previously been mentioned. If a team cannot answer promptly, the turn goes to the other team. Play the game for a few minutes or until neither team can think of something not already mentioned. (Few ideas are: Heavenly Father gave us our lives, our families, the Earth, sent Jesus Christ to the Earth to help us).

    • Discuss
      • “When someone gives you a gift or is kind and loving to you, what should you say?

      • Who has given us more gifts than anyone else? (Heavenly Father.)

      • What is the first reason for praying? (To thank our Heavenly Father for the many blessings he gives us.)”

    • Remind the kids that we should thank Heavenly Father for all he gives and does us, just as we would a family member or friend.
  • We Pray to Ask for Heavenly Father’s Help
  • Optional Extra – Color Page: https://www.lds.org/friend/2009/03/what-should-i-know-about-prayer?lang=eng
  • Testify about prayer 
  • Invitation:
  • Closing Prayer: