*General outline and information for this lesson come from the LDS Primary 2 Lesson 11.

Purpose: “To inspire each child to help others learn about Jesus Christ”



  • Scissors
  • Crayons or other coloring utensils
  • Something to cut the small line to feed the legs through on the growing missionary project (I plan to use an exacto knife and small cutting mat – only I will do this part to prevent injury).
  • Device to play video. Make sure you’ve downloaded the video or have a reliable internet connection.
  • Game piece markers (I use buttons) and dice for board game
  • Box of dominoes
  • Primary picture 2-17 “Four Sons of Mosiah Kneeling in Prayer”


  • Star reward chart for sharing time (give rewards to those that earned it).
  • Share one thing about the week.
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Introduction: Missionary Color Page and Song
    • Color and cut-out growing missionary. While doing this, discuss the following questions if children are able to both (I think the activity during discussion will be good for my place. They are so wiggly and talkative by class, the third hour).
      • Ask: Do you know any missionaries? (Let the kids tell about the missionaries they know?)
      • Ask: What do missionaries do?
    • Play “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” video while they hold their missionary masterpieces and let them “grow a foot or two”.  https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-01-130-i-hope-they-call-me-on-a-mission?lang=eng
      • I plan to play it once, and invite the class to use their doll and sing the second time.
    • Explain: We’ll be learning about ways that they can be missionaries now, while they are young.
  • The Four Sons of Mosiah were missionaries
    • Tell the story of the sons of King Mosiah in Alma 17:6-12:
    • King Mosiah had four sons. They all refused to be the next king because they wanted to go be missionaries to the Lamanites instead. Because the Lamanites were so wicked, it was very dangerous for the four sons to go be missionaries to them.
    • Show Primary picture 2-17
    • They prayed and fasted to Heavenly Father for help as missionaries. Heavenly Father told them he would help them. All four sons went to different places to be missionaries. One of those missionaries was Ammon. Because Ammon was a good example and dedicated servant to King Lamoni, the King and his people wanted to learn about the gospel.
  • Missionary Work Story:
    • Tell the following story, in your own words, from the manual: https://www.lds.org/manual/primary-2/lesson-11?lang=eng

      “Thad sometimes had a hard time listening in stake conference because it seemed to him that most of the talks were for grown-ups. But when Thad heard the stake president say, “Children, you can be missionaries too,” Thad listened, and he started thinking of ways he could be a missionary and tell others about Jesus.

      The next morning at breakfast, Thad talked with his parents about inviting Mrs. Murphy, their next-door neighbor, to learn about the Church. Thad’s parents thought it was a good idea, so Thad went over to Mrs. Murphy’s house and asked her if she would like to learn about Jesus and his church. Mrs. Murphy said she would, and soon she was learning from the missionaries.

      • What would have happened if Thad hadn’t asked Mrs. Murphy if she wanted to learn about Jesus and his church?

      • Object Lesson break: “Set up a row of dominoes. Place them on end just far enough apart so that if one is knocked down, it will knock down the next one. As you knock the first domino down, ask them to observe the chain reaction. Call attention to the effect of one domino upon all the others. Explain that we too may affect the lives of others (family and friends) in a chain reaction. By sharing the gospel with even one person, we sometimes touch the lives of many others.” (Idea from sugardoodle.net)
        • Explain to the children that the little things we do to share Jesus’ love and to teach others about Jesus can make a big impact, just like the dominoes.
        • When we are being missionaries, we are choosing the right and following Jesus Christ.
        • Thad’s mother and father began to follow Thad’s example. They talked about the Church with their friends and other people they met. Some people didn’t want to hear about the Church, but some did, and some were baptized. When Mrs. Murphy was baptized, she thanked Thad for helping her learn more about the Savior.”
  • How have you been a Missionary
    • Ask: What opportunities have you had to be a missionary/teach others about Jesus Christ?
    • If no one has an experience to share, share your own or use the story from the manual:
      • One day two missionaries knocked on the door of a home. A woman named Mrs. James opened the door. The missionaries told her they were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mrs. James invited the missionaries in and told them she would like to learn more about the Church. This made the missionaries very happy.

        Mrs. James told the missionaries that she used to live next door to a family that belonged to the Church. She said the children in that family were always very polite and kind. They played fairly with everyone and treated other people’s property with respect. Mrs. James said she would like to learn about a church that taught those children to be such nice neighbors.

        • How were the children who lived next to Mrs. James missionaries?

        • How could you be a good example to your neighbors and friends?

  • Board Game: Play the board game as a class, giving each child their own place marker and taking turns. Discuss ways they can be missionaries now, like the examples on the game.
  • Bear Testimony of missionary work and the importance of being a missionary now.
  • Invitation:
  • Closing Prayer:
  • Mark star chart for class time awesome behavior 🙂 Give treasure chest prizes as needed.