Before we were even married, we talked about habits and traditions we would want for our family. I remembered an idea I’d heard on a video or blog or something awhile back. It was to have a weekend family pizza night. I loved the idea. Relatively simple, fun for all ages, and something to look forward to. We now do it every Friday (and if we have to miss Friday, we try to do it another day). We nearly always do homemade pizza. I could probably count on one hand how often we have actually bought pizza… ok, maybe, MAYBE, on two hands. Tonight we made stuffed crust good-ol’-original pepperoni pizza.

I won’t post my crust pizza. I haven’t decided if I can share such a family-sacred recipe yet 😉

First, the special necessary ingredient… String cheese. Exotic, right?! Ha! (I used 4 sticks of string cheese). Cut each cheese once length wise, and then cut those two pieces in half.

IMG_1326  IMG_1329

Do this to each piece and then put them on the edge of the rolled-out pizza crust. You’ll notice that I let my crust raise a little extra before rolling it out so that there is enough sought to let it slightly fall over the edge. That should give you enough dough to wrap over the cheese after.


Roll the crust up over the string cheese and press down firmly enough to make it stick, but without making too much impression or dent/rips in the pizza base.


To make the stuffed crust even better, put about 1 TBSP of butter in a microwave-safe dish and melt it. Sprinkle in just a little garlic salt. Use a pastry brush to spread this on the outside crust (the part with the string cheese in it, not the entire pizza which will soon be covered in yummy toppings, sauce and cheese).



Finish it with a little parmesan cheese (I just use the stuff in the bottle for this). Then move onto adding your choice of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Bake away 🙂


… And YUM!!…