This blog will primarily be authored by the Wonderful Whitney – my wife and true love. I will be the administrator and do all of the maintenance, cool stuff, and basically keep it running as long as she wants it; but, from time to time, I’ll have a post or two about the great things that happen.

This post being the first post is an Oh Yeah! I’ve finally setup a webserver and got a webpage worth keeping up on it! Wahoo! I’ve always wanted to setup a webserver and have some sort of webpage but I’ve never had much of anything to put up and host. So, having set up WordPress and a webserver is actually a cool thing for me.

First let me tell you about a really neat tool I used to help set it up. It’s called WP-CLI available from it’s basically a package of command line tools to make the setup and maintenance of WordPress really easy. While I don’t have any fears digging into a stack of code and doing things the hard way, sometimes it’s really nice when someone puts together a great tool like this to make setup so easy.

So, now I have a blog setup for us to play with, tinker around, and post to family and friends about all of the Life’s Good moments we share and enjoy together. We have lots – so we won’t share them all. The ones we do share will hopefully make your heart as happy as it does ours. We love our life together! Our little family is the best. Cute smiles daily, love notes on post-its, and happiness most of the time. We work hard to help and support each other, because we are an eternal family and we intend to keep it that way.

Have a great day! Until next time!

Our beautiful eternal family!

Our beautiful eternal family!